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we of  UNICX Chemistry CA  We would like to WELCOME and say that it is a pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to present our ADDITIVES to you and your company, which will even be hand-picked to offer you the very best, prioritizing quality and greater profitability of your final product.

In addition to our products, we also provide in-person or virtual technical consultancy, respecting all safety protocols for everyone's health.

We send or hand-deliver our samples and also receive raw material from our customers so that we can better analyze them in our laboratory and present the option that will make the most sense according to what they are looking for, whether in terms of quality, price and innovation.

Ah! We're in a new house and we'll be too HAPPY to receive you so we can have a coffee together, after all, we love a good conversation.


Founded in 2011



It keeps up-to-date in the market to offer products of the highest quality, seeking satisfaction and better results for its customers.

The main objective is to retain the customer through a personalized service from the first contact to the post-sales, maintaining all technical support whenever necessary, thus generating a lasting partnership.

Currently, the company operates in the chemical additives market for the manufacture of ceramic tiles, cementitious floors, cements, concretes, mortars,  grouts and concrete blocks.

Unicx aims to grow with its customers, employees and partners.



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